Winning New Performance Testing Clients and Presenting Performance Test Proposals

Training Details: Winning New Performance Testing Clients and Presenting Performance Test Proposals What will you learn from this course? You will learn techniques of addressing customer RFPs Presenting a performance test engagement solution Handling questions from Customers at various levels like Project managers, Directors, CxO’s Building a vision board for the customer Course Content: RFP … Read more

Advanced Performance Engineering Training with Real Hands-On

Performance Engineering Session 02

Trainer: RadhaKrishna Prasad Trainer Details: LinkedIn: Dzone:  Training Agenda: This advanced performance engineering training is for every performance tester who is basically a beginner/experienced and wants to transform their career into core performance engineering. This training objective is to make every performance tester understand what exactly will happen in real time when we work with … Read more

Performance Engineering Training – By RadhaKrishna Prasad

Garbage Collection Session 2 - By RK

Trainer Details: LinkedIn: Dzone:  What You Will Learn: Following topics will be covered in the training Performance Testing Concepts Performance Engineering Concepts Performance Monitoring/Profiling of Web, App and DB Servers Java Performance Engineering and Tuning Heap Dump, Thread Dump and GC Analysis .net Performance Engineering and Tuning Real-Time Application Performance Issues with Example Database Performance … Read more

Mobile Automation with Appium

Training Details: Free Demo Session: 28 Oct 2020 Training Start Date: 30 Oct 2020 Time: 8 AM to 9 AM (IST) Course Duration: 30 hours Course Content: Mobile Testing Overview Appium Introduction and set up Synchronization with Appium Locator Strategies with Appium Basic operations using Appium and sample Android app Automating application with Touch Actions … Read more

Java Training for Performance Engineer

Training Details: Start Date: 9 Nov 2020 Time: 8 AM to 9 AM (IST) Course Duration: 9+ hours Course Content: Installation of JDK, setting up environment variables and eclipse Java – Classes/objects/methods/ packages Java programs for creating class/objects/packages Basics of Strings & arrays Java Programs with strings and arrays Single Thread Vs Multi-Threading concepts Java … Read more