Chaos Engineering Training


Chaos Engineering – A leap towards the role of a System Reliability Engineer Training

Training Details:

Training Agenda:

  • Responsibilities and activities performed by a chaos engineer or a site reliability engineer.
  • Gremlin and its applications in chaos engineering
  • Building resilient systems and applications
  • Design, Plan, Manage and run chaos experiments at your company
  • Break applications that use DynamoDB, Cassandra, or Redis
  • Sesu in monitoring chaos experiments and analyzing the results
  • Run chaos experiments in Kubernetes
  • Running chaos experiments using Jenkins
  • Automating chaos with Terraform
  • Gremlin Certification walkthrough and complete support

Course Duration: 20+ hours

Demo Session 1: 6 Jul 2022

Demo Session 2: 7 Jul 2022

Regular Session: 8 Jul 2022

Time: 8 AM (IST) / (Previous Day) 10:30 PM (EST) / 3:30 AM (BST)

Course Content:

    o Introduction to Chaos Engineering
    o The Principles and The Process of chaos engineering
    o Chaos Engineer- Activities performed by the Chaos Engineer
    o Prerequisites for Chaos Engineering
    o Limitations of Chaos Engineering
    o Setting up the prerequisites
    o Practical Hands On: Breaking a System
    o Practical Hands On: Planning Your First Experiment
    o Practical Hands On: Injecting a CPU Chaos
    o Journey ahead- What all are we going to learn and practice?
    o Q&A
  2. Chaos Engineering in action
    o Chaos Engineering who are the beneficiaries?
    o Game Day experiments
    o Planning and management of experiments
    o Case Studies
    o Discussion: How Would You Put Chaos Engineering intoaction?
    o Best Practices
    o Tools for Designing and Running Chaos Experiments
    o Chaos Toolkit
    o Practical Hands On: Running experiments with Chaos Toolkit
    o Q&A
  3. Monitoring and Capturing Metrics
    o Chaos Engineeringand its vast applications
    o Significance of Monitoring for Chaos Engineering
    o Collecting Events From Your Systems
    o The Key Metrics to be collected and identified
    o Instrumenting Your System and Application
    o Practical Hands On: Instrumenting an Application
    o Practical Hands On: AWS CloudWatch and X-Ray
    o Practical Hands On: Monitoring Chaos Experiments WithSensu
    o Q&A
  4. Gremlin
    o Gremlin- Chaos Engineering as a Platform
    o Different Types of Attacks in Gremlin
    o Injecting Chaos into infrastructure and applications using Gremlin
    o Practical Hands On: Running Chaos Experiment in a VM
    o Different Scenarios in Gremlin?
    o The Integrations available Within Gremlin
    o Q&A
  5. Chaosengineering of system and applications
    o Typical Problems in an Infrastructure
    o Solving Infrastructure Problems
    o Planning and Designing for Chaos Engineering Experiments
    o Ways to Improve Resiliency: Canary Releases, Feature Flags, Circuit Breakers, etc.
    o Application of these chaos Principles
    o Practical Hands On: Simulating CPU Exhaustion
    o Practical Hands On: Simulating Network Disruption
    o Practical Hands On: Simualting Latency
    o Q&A
  6. Chaos engineering of Containers and analysis
    o Distributed Containerized Application and the problems in it
    o Solving problems in Kubernetes
    o Applications of theseChaos Principles in Kubernetes and Containers
    o Practical Hands On: Installing Gremlin in Kubernetes
    o Practical Hands On: Running Chaos Experiments in Kubernetes
    o Q&A
  7. Chaos engineering of Databases and analysis
    o Chaos Engineering for Databases is it needed?
    o Applying chaos principles to Databases
    o Determining Chaos in Databases
    o Automating Chaos Injection
    o Practical Hands On: Simulating chaos for an application that Uses DynamoDB
    o Practical Hands On: Simulating chaos for an application that Uses Cassandra
    o Practical Hands On: Simulating chao for an application that Uses That Uses Redis
    o Q&A
  8. Automating Chaos Experiments using Terraform and Jenkins
    o Significance of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) Pipelines
    o Running Chaos Experiments Continuously using (CI/CD) Pipelines?
    o Shifting Chaos to the Left
    o Creating and Running chaos experiments Automatically
    o Practical Hands On: Automating Chaos with Terraform
    o Practical Hands On: Running Chaos Experiments Using Jenkins
    o Q&A
  9. Future scope and growth of chaos engineering?
    o The Future and its growth potential
    o The significance and understanding of Chaos Maturity Model
    o Design and Planning the Business Cases for Chaos Engineering
    o The END: How to begin and start the journey of an SRE or a Chaos engineer in your company?

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Organized By: Isha Training Solutions

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