LoadRunner Script Enhancement

After recording and debugging, the script enhancement step gives beauty to the LoadRunner script. Script enhancement has some important steps like parametrization, script factorization, etc. Some of the steps are optional which you can skip:

1. Parameterization:

The parameter helps to replace hard-coded values from the script with the test data. In VuGen, you just need to select the value, right-click on it (the value you want to replace with a parameter) and select option ‘Replace with a Parameter’ or ‘Use Existing Parameter’ option. For more details, you can refer to the Link.  

2. Add / Edit Transactions (If not given at the time of recording):

Transactions are the user steps. They help to capture the response time and error for a particular request or user step. You can provide the name of the transaction either during recording or post-recording. Also, if a transaction name does not match with the business flow or want to change then you can easily modify it.

3. Rendezvous Points:

Rendezvous Point helps to achieve user concurrency at any step in the script. A rendezvous point creates an intense user load on the server and enables LoadRunner to measure server performance under load for that particular functionality. Refer to the link to get more details on Rendezvous Point and policy.

4. Add / Edit Think Time: 

Think time is a pause time that a real user takes to read the content of the page. It makes a scenario more realistic. It is a good practice to insert think time (lr_think_time(n) where n is a delay in seconds) between two transactions. You can also find the recorded think time function in the script whose value can be edited. Refer to the link to get more details on think time.

5. Update Runtime Setting:

Run time settings provide overall control of the Vuser script. You can update it as per the requirement. It generally covers run-logic, think time, pacing, enable/disable logs etc. Refer to the link for detailed information on Runtime Settings.

Note: Performance Center/Controller can override the run time settings of VuGen.

6. Insert Comment:

Add the comment in the script wherever required. > (opens in a new tab)”>Read More >>

These are some basic steps of LoadRunner script enhancement which help to create a perfect and comprehensive test script.

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