LoadRunner – Runtime Settings – Streaming

‘Streaming’ in LoadRunner helps to modify the video streaming setting under runtime settings. It has only 3 setting options:

  1. Streaming method
  2. Timeout
  3. Logging
LoadRunner - Runtime Settings - Streaming
Figure 01: Streaming setting in LoadRunner

1. Streaming method

This setting specifies the method to determine the video content time and offset. It has two input options:

  • By decoding
  • By video size

2. Timeout

  • Timeout for video buffering XX seconds: This timeout option helps to adjust the buffering timeout of the video. You can provide buffer timeout in seconds in the range 0 to 1000. After crossing the buffer timeout, the LR will throw a timeout error.
  • Number of retries: It helps to set the maximum number of times that a Vuser will retry to download a video when the download fails. The permitted value for this field is in between 0 to 1000.
  • Save snapshots of streaming data resources locally: To analyse the downloaded video contents, you can enable this option. It saves a local copy of streaming data snapshots during replay. Uncheck this option while running a load test.

3. Logging:

You can collect the video streaming related information in VuGen replay log by enabling this option. It helps to debug the script issues.

Other Settings:

  • Use Default: This button resets the settings of the Streaming tab and enables the default options.

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