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Many times, while working with JMeter, we cling in certain situations or scenarios where we need someone’s help to solve the issue. The worst part of the situation is we search over the internet or post the query in some forum but do not get the appropriate answer. As of last resort, we want to contact the JMeter Team for a solution or guidance on their official forum, but how?

In this article, you come to know how to reach JMeter Organisation or their Team.

The way is very simple. You just need to send an email to with your concern and a subject line.

Doing so, your email id will be registered with the JMeter Team mailing list and you will receive a reply from the JMeter team or from any user who has the knowledge or solution of the concerned issue. In this way, you can easily get the exact solution.

Another Advantage:

Going forward, you will also receive the query email raised by other users who want the solution to their issues from the JMeter team. You can read all the discussions and solutions suggested by the JMeter team or other users via mail thread. If you know the solution then you can also reply on that mail thread and help others.

You can also refer to the link to read the issues and solutions raised by others:

The forum looks like this:

JMeter Support Forum
Figure 01: JMeter Support

Here, you can see all the emails/queries sent to the JMeter team from March 2001. You can also make it a habit to check the issues raised by others and read the discussion/solution. This will help you to enhance your JMeter knowledge.

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10 thoughts on “JMeter Official Support Forum”

  1. Hi Team,
    I am new to MAC OS before i am working in windows .
    Windows 10, jmeter 5.1.1 and JAVA JDK 11.

    MAC Book Pro. installed same as above like 5.1.1,jdk 11.
    existing scripts are saved in one drive and reopen in mac
    getting issue” problem loading xml” issue tryed multiple versios no luck

  2. Hi team,
    Iam trying to use webdriver plugin to automate an application in jmeter. Can anyone help me to do scripting in selenium by using webdriver plugin. Thanks in advance.

  3. I have sent an email to about the question on how to use JMeter to Stress test if SignalR and WebSocket been used in the applicaion. But I got a email faulre undelivered. How I can reach out the JMeter support team?

    Thank you


  4. Hi,

    I was trying to use a webdriver sampler to use a browser to extract some token, but I encountered some problems during the execution. I used both chrome and firefox configs but got the same error.

    1. Browser window is opened but it does not navigate to the URL and shows this error message :
    c.g.j.p.w.s.WebDriverSampler: In file: inline evaluation of: “WDS.sampleResult.sampleStart() WDS.browser.get(“”)

    2. I also tried using the JSR223 sampler to use the selenium code. Although I have added all the imports and dependencies, it won’t run the sampler. I was using fluent wait and it shows error on “<"
    here is the sample:
    WebElement btnGoogleLogin = wait.until(new Function() {

    public WebElement apply(WebDriver driver) {
    return driver.findElement(By.xpath(“//*[@class=’hlogin’]/button/div”));

    Thank you for your help.

  5. Hi Team,

    I am facing a big challenge in correlating 100s of GUID in each request. Like that I have 9 request , it is a tedious task for me to correlate 900 GUID. How you people are handling such kind or request.
    GUID should take from previous response random value we cant push.

    Could you please help me with a solution.



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