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How to get help from JMeter Support Forum

Many times, while working with JMeter, we cling in certain situation or scenario where we need someone’s help to solve the issue. The worst part of the situation is we search over the internet or post the query in some forum but do not get the appropriate answer. As of last resort, we want to contact the JMeter Team for solution or guidance on their official forum, but how?

In this article, you come to know how to reach JMeter Organisation or their Team.

The way is very simple. You just need to send an email to with your concern and a subject line.

Doing so, your email id will be registered with the JMeter Team mailing list and you will receive a reply from JMeter team or from any user who has the knowledge or solution of the concerned issue. In this way, you can easily get the exact solution.

Another Advantage:

Going forward, you will also receive the query email raised by other users who want the solution on their issues from JMeter team. You can read all the discussion and solution suggested by JMeter team or other users via mail thread. If you know the solution then you can also reply on that mail thread and help others.

You can also refer the link to read the issues and solutions raised by others:

The forum looks like:

JMeter Support Forum
Figure 01: JMeter Support

Here, you can see all the mails/queries sent to JMeter team from March, 2001. You can also make it a habit to check the issues raised by others and read the discussion/solution. This will help you to enhance your JMeter knowledge.

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