JMeter Interview Questions #8

Following is the set of JMeter Interview Questions #8.

Q. 36 What is the use of BeanShell sampler?

Ans: BeanShell sampler can perform various functions with the use of coding. You can write custom code using BeanShell element. BeanShell element helps to print the thread number, get the current sampler executed, fetch the cookies etc.

Q. 37 What is the JSR223 elements?

Ans: JSR223 elements are also a scripting-based component. JSR stands for Java Specification Requests. As same as BeanShell, you need to write custom code logic by yourself using one of the supported scripting languages like Groovy, BeanShell, java, javascript, jexl etc. Usually, it is helpful when you need to write custom code based on some unique algorithm which is not currently provided by JMeter.

Q. 38 What are the available JSR223 elements?

Ans: Following are the JSR223 elements:

  1. JSR223 PreProcessor
  2. JSR223 PostProcessor
  3. JSR223 Timer
  4. JSR223 Assertion
  5. JSR223 Listener
  6. JSR223 Sampler

Q. 39 What is a Root CA Certificate?

Ans: HTTPS connection requires a certificate to authenticate the connections which get established when the browser hits the web server. JMeter generates it temporarily to intercept the SSL traffic in order to record the actions.

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Q. 40 What is Tidy Parsing?

Ans: Tidy Parsing is a type of parsing that is used in the Xpath extractor. If the response is in pure XML then tidy parsing is not required whereas, in the case of XHTML, it is mandatory to check the tidy parsing option in order to fetch the correct results.

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