JMeter Interview Questions #2

Following is the set of JMeter Interview Questions #2.

Q. 6 What is the purpose of Regular Expression Extractor?

Ans: Regular Expression Extractor is used to find out the dynamic value returned by the server like the session ID, order number etc. Such dynamic values are then passed in the next requests.

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Q. 7 What are the other methods to capture the dynamic value in JMeter?

Ans: In JMeter 4.0, a new element called “Boundary Extractor”; has been introduced where we need to provide left and right text (boundary) of dynamic value. It has the same concept as LoadRunner.

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Q. 8 What is the difference between Boundary Extractor and Regular Expression Extractor?

Ans: Both the components are used for capturing the dynamic values. The major difference is the method which they use to find out the dynamic values. Regular expression extractor uses regular expression token whereas boundary extractor uses the left and right boundaries.

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Q. 9 What is a thread group in JMeter?

Ans: A Thread Group is an element of the JMeter test plan that represents a pool of virtual users performing a set of operations and helps to create the expected scenario.

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Q. 10 What are the different types of Thread Group in JMeter?

Ans: Following are the thread groups.

  1. (Normal) Thread Group
  2. Ultimate Thread Group
  3. stepUp Thread Group
  4. Concurrency Thread Group
  5. tearDown Thread Group
  6. Arrivals Thread Group
  7. Free-Form Arrivals Thread Group

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