JMeter Interview Questions #4

Following is the set of JMeter Interview Questions #4.

Q. 16 What is the use of the configuration elements?

Ans: To set up defaults values and variables for later use, default config element added under the Test Plan. Config elements are executed at the start of the test and initialize the test conditions. In the script, these elements are processed before any samplers in the same scope.

Q. 17 What is the use of Test Fragment?

Ans: Test fragment is also a type of element like Thread Group element. Test fragment helps to modularize the test script and increases the reusability of the portion of the script. The only difference between a thread group and a test fragment is that the test fragment can not be implemented unless it is referenced by either a Module controller or an Include controller.

Q. 18 What is assertion in JMeter?

Ans:  Assertion validates the response coming from the server. It checks and confirms the correctness of the response.

Q. 19 What is the Timer in JMeter?

Ans: Timers adds a delay in the flow of the script between 2 requests. They are used for halting the test execution of a thread for a certain predefined time. These timers are used for simulating the real user think time. The different types of timers available in JMeter are:

  1. Constant Timer
  2. Gaussian Random Timer
  3. Uniform Random Timer
  4. Constant Throughput Timer
  5. Synchronizing Timer
  6. Beanshell timer
  7. Throughput Shaping Timer
  8. JSR223 Timer
  9. Poisson Random Timer

Q. 20 How to define listeners in JMeter?

Ans: Listeners displays the test result. Also, they save the execution results of load testing in different forms like table, graph, tree or in any other presentable format.

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