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LoadRunner Scripting Basic

LoadRunner Training

Training Details: Training Agenda: By end of the course, you will learn to develop a workable strategy for load testing of an enterprise system and be ready to handle any performance testing project using the LoadRunner tool Even if you are using any other performance testing tool, this course will provide you with core guidelines…
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LoadRunner Parameter Setting Cheat Sheet

LoadRunner Tips

Random Date Generator in LoadRunner

Random Date Generation in LoadRunner

Problem: How to simulate random date generation scenario in LoadRunner? Explanation: A webpage with the date field(s) requires current, past or future date inputs. The Date/Time parameter can easily generate value in the required date format and by using an offset, LoadRunner can generate past and future dates too. But in the case of date…
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Last Value from Correlation Parameter in LoadRunner

Select last value from correction parameter list in LoadRunner

There are 2 methods to select the last value from correlation parameter list in LoadRunner. When last value is needed from any no of items appeared on page

LoadRunner Variables

LoadRunner Variables

Some variables need to be defined while some variables can be directly used without any initialization. There are 2 types of variables in LoadRunner script.

Types of LoadRunner Logs

Types of LoadRunner Logs

LoadRunner Logs are so important to debug the test script at different levels and find out the root cause of the error. There are 5 types of LoadRunner logs.