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Important LoadRunner Utility Function

Important LoadRunner Utility Functions

List of important LoadRunner Utility Functions which are frequently used in the script. These LoadRunner Utility Functions are not specific to protocol.

Random Value Generation in LoadRunner

Random Number Generation in LoadRunner

There are various ways that support the generation of random number in LoadRunner. It is good to use a random number where some arbitrary values are passed.

How to determine loadrunner protocol supports Run VUser as a process

Which LoadRunner protocol supports “Run Vuser as a process”?

Problem: How to identify which protocol of LoadRunner supports “Run Vuser as a process” and which protocol supports multi-threading or “Run Vuser as a thread”? Solution: Although you have understood the difference between “Run Vuser as a thread” and “Run Vuser as a process” in the previous post, now the next question comes in mind that how…
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Run as a Thread vs Run as a Process

Run Vuser as a Process Vs Run Vuser as a Thread

In Runtime setting of LoadRunner, there are 2 options “Run Vuser as a thread” and “Run Vuser as a process”. What is the difference between them?

memory violation : Exception ACCESS_VIOLATION received

In LoadRunner, C interpreter run time error: Action.c (