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Random Date Generator in LoadRunner

Random Date Generation in LoadRunner

Problem: How to simulate random date generation scenario in LoadRunner? Explanation: A webpage with the date field(s) requires current, past or future date inputs. The Date/Time parameter can easily generate value in the required date format and by using an offset, LoadRunner can generate past and future dates too. But in the case of date…
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Random Value Generation in LoadRunner

Random Number Generation in LoadRunner

There are various ways that support the generation of random number in LoadRunner. It is good to use a random number where some arbitrary values are passed.

Random Value from Correlation Parameter in LoadRunner

Random Value from Correlation Parameter in LoadRunner

How to select a random value from correlation parameter in LoadRunner? How to use lr_paramarr_random function in LoadRunner?

JMeter Random Number using Regular Expression Extractor

Random Dynamic Value using Regular Expression Extractor

There are 3 ways to select a random dynamic value using Regular Expression Extractor in JMeter. You must have knowldge of all the methods given in the post.