Performance Testing Real-Time Project With LoadRunner

Training Details: What we will do in this course? • Understanding Performance Test Life Cycle in live class• Collect Non-functional Requirements in live class• Understanding of application architecture in live class• Prepare Performance test plan• Work Load Modeling ( Making Volumetric & User Load distribution) in live class• Business Transaction Flow Document in live class• … Read more

Performance Monitoring – Do it Yourself

Workshop Details: Type: Free Workshop for Knowledge Sharing Topic: How to set up your own monitoring tools using both open source tools and commercial free editions covering both applications and databases. TICK Stack Appdynamics Lite Elastic & Mongo Database Native Monitoring Date: 13 Sep 2020 Time: 8 PM (IST) / 10:30 AM (EST) Duration: 1 … Read more

Java Garbage Collection Session 1 – By RadhaKrishna Prasad

Garbage Collection Session - By RK

Trainer Details: LinkedIn: Dzone:  Topics Covered: Following topics will be covered in the session What is Garbage Collection in Java? Difference between Manual Memory Management and Automated Memory Management Memory Pools in Heap – Eden, Survivor Spaces, Oldgen, Permgen and Metaspace How Minor GC, Major GC and Full GC happens in JVM GC Algorithms – … Read more

Performance Engineering Live Training

Training Details: Training Agenda: You will be able to confidently talk to developers & architects on the performance issues, bottlenecks & recommendations You will be able to start playing the role of performance engineer – Just not identifying defects but troubleshooting and identifying bottlenecks and providing recommendations. You will be able to do the architecture … Read more