Live Performance Testing Project

Performance Testing Script

Details: Start Date: 4 Oct 2020 Time: 8 PM to 10:30 PM (IST) Demo Session: First Session Course Duration: 5 hours Course Content: Collect Non-Functional Requirement Design Workload – Access Logs / Splunk Prepare Performance test plan and sign off Develop Performance scripts using Loadrunner Design Performance test scenarios – Load/Stress/Scalability/Endurance Setup Monitoring – Open … Read more

PerfMatrix – Share Knowledge & Earn Money

erfMatrix - Share Knowledge & Earn Money

Dear Friend, We at PerfMatrix launching a new program ‘Share Knowledge & Earn Money’ where you can earn the money by sharing your knowledge on the PerfMatrix platform. As a part of this program, you can create videos related to performance testing and engineering and share them through the PerfMatrix YouTube channel. Please note the video … Read more

PerfMate – A Virtual Performance Testing Tutor

PerfMate - Your Performance Testing Virtual Tutor

Who is PerfMate? PerfMate is a virtual performance testing tutor at PerfMatrix site. He will teach you the concept of Performance Testing and Performance Engineering. He will also help you to learn the basic tools of Performance Testing like LoadRunner, JMeter etc. PerfMate has an expertize to provide the tips and tricks related to Performance … Read more

Swetha Pujari

Bio: Swetha Pujari has 11+ years of experience in Performance Testing and Engineering domain. She has good exposure in diagnosing bottlenecks in multi-tier architectures and building automated solutions to strengthen the testing framework. She enjoys travelling, volunteering and reading fiction in her free time. She always tries to share her knowledge by writing. She chose … Read more