What’s new in Apache JMeter 5.3

What’s New Apache JMeter 5.3

Following are the important changes in Apache JMeter 5.3

  • Skin Color (or Theme): Some more options are added in the theme. Now you can apply the theme without a Restart.
  • New Themes:
    • Light:
      • IntellJ
      • Solarized Light
      • HighContrast Light
    • Dark:
      • OneDark
      • Solarized Dark
      • HighContrast Dark
  • Add Elements option in the “Edit” menu is enhanced properly.
  • Log Level: More options added for log & UI changes done.
  • There are some UI Enhancements for the below elements:
    • ForEach Controller
    • If Controller
    • Throughput Controller
    • While Controller
    • Counter Config
    • XPath2 Extractor
    • Function Helper Dialog
    • Search popup
    • JUnit Request
    • JMS Elements
  • Another important change on at element level is if you disable parent element then all its child Elements are also disabled so no need to disable them explicitly.
  • Undo & Redo support for editable fields supported. Keystrokes are CTRL + Z / CTRL + SHIFT + Z, or CMD + Z/ CMD + SHIFT + Z depending on the operating system.
  • The default value of httpclient4.time_to_live has been modified from 2000 to 60000, to be closer to typical browser behaviour, this means HTTP connections will live longer than before. This has an impact on connection creation & SSL handshake.
  • Allow spaces in ${…} expressions around functions.
  • _timeShift function does not work with offset formatters of the form “yyyy-MM-DD’T’HH:mm:ssXXX”. Now, it’s working fine as ${__timeShift(yyyy-MM-DD’T’dd:HH:mm:ss.SSSZ,,P2D,,)}
  • ‘Median’ column is added newly in the HTML Report & the Response Time percentile columns support floating-point numbers now.
  • Set Connect Time on parent samples when using a Transaction Controller is fixed now.
  • Java 14 support added & it can be used now for the builds.
  • Some previously non-working Documentation Links have been fixed.

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