Risks Addressed By Performance Test

Risk Addressed by Performance Test

Performance testing is a broad and complex activity that can take many forms, address many risks, and provide an organisation with a wide range of value. It is essential to understand the different performance test types to reduce risks, minimize cost, and know when to apply the appropriate test during a given performance-testing project. To … Read more

Step-up Performance Test

Step-Up Performance Test

What is Step-up Performance Test? The step-up performance test is helpful to identify the performance of a software system at varying loads. Unlike the load test, the step-up test has multiple steady states in a single test. Due to multiple steady states, this test is also called as ‘Multi-level Load Test’. Step-up test starts with … Read more

Application Break Point Test

Break-Point Test

What is Break-Point Test? Application Break-Point Test helps to find out the breaking point of the application or server from performance testing perspective. This test is helpful to identify the maximum load-bearing capacity of the application. More likely some applications fail during stress test when the expected future load is applied on the server. If … Read more

Soak Test (Endurance Test)

Soak Test

What is a Soak Test or Endurance Test? YouTube Video: Soak (Endurance) Test Soak Test is a type of non-functional test which helps to identify the memory leakage into the software system. Another name of the Soak Test is ‘Endurance Test’. In the soak test, a significant load is applied on the server for an … Read more