Step-up Performance Test

Step-Up Performance Test

What is Step-up Performance Test? The step-up performance test is helpful to identify the performance of a software system at varying loads. Unlike the load test, the step-up test has multiple steady states in a single test. Due to multiple steady states, this test is also called as ‘Multi-level Load Test’. Step-up test starts with … Read more

Application Break Point Test

Break-Point Test

What is Break-Point Test? Application Break-Point Test helps to find out the breaking point of the application or server from a performance testing perspective. This test is helpful to identify the maximum load-bearing capacity of the application. More likely some applications fail during stress tests when the expected future load is applied on the server. … Read more

Load Test

Load Testing

What is a Load Test? A Load Test is a type of non-functional test which verifies the performance of an application or system under a peak user/volume condition. This test also validates the resource usage, stability and reliability of the software system under peak load. What is Peak Load? Peak Load is the highest load … Read more