LoadRunner – Rendezvous Policy

LoadRunner Rendevous Policy

The additional part of the rendezvous point in LoadRunner is the rendezvous policy. You can set a rendezvous policy according to which the controller releases the Vusers from the rendezvous point either when the required number of Vusers arrives, or when a specified amount of time has passed. Difference between Rendezvous Point and Rendezvous Policy … Read more

LoadRunner – Rendezvous Point

LoadRunner Rendezvous Point

In LoadRunner, Rendezvous point is used to force the Vusers to perform the simultaneous task during the test execution. It generates intense user load on the server for a particular functionality/page and instructs LoadRunner to measure server performance under such situation. Rendezvous point instructs Vusers to wait during test execution for multiple Vusers to arrive at … Read more