ComCorDEEPT Technique

ComCorDEEPT Technique

“ComCorDEEPT” is a technique to carry out the performance test result analysis in a proper direction. The main purpose of the ComCorDEEPT technique is to identify the exact root cause of the issue observed during the test. This technique comprises 7 analysis methods. These methods use performance test graphs and figures for analysis purposes and … Read more

Compare Method

Compare Method - ComCorDEEPT

As per the ComCorDEEPT technique, ‘Compare’ is the first and foremost method of Performance Test Result Analysis. The ‘Compare’ method is a simple way to match the defined NFRs with the actual result. For Example, if the defined response time NFR for a Login page is 5 seconds and you observed the actual response time … Read more


WHIWH Rule PerfMatrix

Bottleneck identification is an art in Performance Testing. Without knowing this art you can not be a perfect performance tester. There are certain performance test result analysis technics which help to conduct a proper approach to find the bottleneck and its cause. Before starting an investigation on the bottleneck, you can apply the WHIWH rule. WHIWH rule suggests a … Read more