Performance Testing Interview Questions #5

Q. 21 What is a Baseline test?

Ans: This test is performed on the existing applications before commissioning the changes. The result of such a test is called “Baseline Test Result” which is compared with the Benchmark test result (The test which is performed on updated code/application). In some cases, performance test conducted on the previous release is also considered as Baseline Test.

Q. 22 What is Load test?

Ans: Load testing is to determine if an application can perform well with the heavy usage resulting from a large number of users using it concurrently. The load is increased to simulates the peak load that the servers are going to take during maximum usage periods.

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Q. 23 What is an Endurance test?

Ans: It is one type of performance test where the testing is conducted to evaluate the behaviour of the system when a significant workload is given for a longer duration such as 6 hours or 10 hours.

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Q. 24 What is Spike test?

Ans: It is also a type of performance testing that is performed to analyze the behaviour of the system when the load is increased substantially.

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Q. 25 What is the general criteria of load for different types of performance test?

Ans: The generic load for the performance tests are:

  1. Load Test: Peak Load
  2. Soak Test (Endurance Test): Average Load
  3. Stress Test: Future Load
  4. Failover Test: Peak Load
  5. Break-point Test: The maximum load at which application fails

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