Performance Testing Interview Questions #6

Q. 26 What is a protocol?

Ans: A protocol is a set of defined rules for information transmission between 2 or more systems. Basically, LoadRunner uses protocol terms to differentiate the technology used for developing the application. For Example, A normal website that is developed in Java can be scripted using Web HTTP/HTML protocol. The selection of protocol depends on the architecture of the application and that should be known to a performance tester before starting the scripting. The application architect can provide accurate information in this regard.

Q. 27 What are the high-level criteria to conduct the performance testing of an application?

Ans: The common criteria to consider the application in performance testing is:

  1. Is there a chance to increase the load in the near future?
  2. Is there a reasonable load on the application?
    Performance testing can be parked in case a few (like <5) users load is expected.
  3. Is there sufficient hardware available to conduct performance testing?
  4. Is the network supportive?

Q. 28 What is profiling?

Ans: Profiling is a process of pinpointing a performance bottleneck at minute levels. Performance Engineer or Developer performs software profiling tasks to make the application responsive. If you need to do application profiling then you might need to use tools for performance profiling of application servers. When profiling an application server, you identify issues at the level of code such as memory-intensive APIs. In Database profiling, you can identify a number of things such as a full table scan query, high-cost queries and the number of executed SQL. These are some typical tasks that come under profiling.

Q. 29 Do you know any profiling tools?

Ans: Some of the profiling tools are:

  1. Dynatrace
  2. AppDynamics
  3. New Relic

Q.30 Do you know any agentless server monitoring tool?

Ans: SiteScope

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