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Today’s Topic: Where has all my memory gone? A tale of memory investigation with Dynatrace

Written By: Andrew Lee

About Topic: The customer was using Dynatrace to monitor the web servers. Looking at Dynatrace, the author noticed a significant amount of memory being used. ‘What was the reason behind that?’ is investigated and the causes are explained in the article.

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20 Sep 2023 Topic: How to capture and analyze Thread dumps in Android?

Published By: yCrash

About Topic: We are aware of the ‘Thread Dump’ for a Java program or software application. But did you know that Android-based applications may also record “Thread Dump”? You can get assistance on this from the article link provided below.

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Additional Details: Thread Dump is a snapshot of the status of all the threads at a particular time. Thread dumps are vital artefacts to diagnose CPU spikes, deadlocks, poor response times, memory problems, unresponsive applications and other system problems. 

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29 Jun 2023 Topic: Tips for Becoming a Better Performance Engineer

Published By: Tricentis

About Topic: Tricentis has shared an article which stressed becoming a good performance engineer. The simple 8 key points help to spread our thinking in the performance testing world. This article comprises a generic strategy and a way to look at things from the performance engineering perspective. Read it and apply it to your project.

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Additional Details: Performance engineering aims to design the application by keeping the performance metrics in mind and also to discover potential issues early in the development cycle.

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19 Jun 2023 Topic: How to Start with Dynatrace?

Published By: Dynatrace

About Topic: Dynatrace is an APM tool that provides fabulous support to identify the performance bottleneck. It also has AI-powered analytics, full-stack discovery, pure-path coverage with code-level analysis and many more monitoring and profiling features. Many people are searching for Dynatrace training which is hard to get. And then their search ended with zero.

To help such people, Dynatrace has published an official video for beginners who want to start their career in the performance engineering field with Dynatrace. This video is also helpful for those who are willing to learn the APM tool and add a new skill to their resume. But yes; practical knowledge is a must. So let’s start your journey with Dynatrace’s official video which describes the basics concept and will help to grab knowledge of this wonderful tool. 

YouTube Video: Link

14 Jun 2023 Topic: Cause of Poor Throughput

Published By: GC Easy

About Topic: Application Throughput is always an essential factor of JVM performance that contributes to the overall performance of any software system. This article will provide you with 4 causes that impact application throughput. Refer to the below link to read the full article.

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04 April 2023 Topic: Optimizing Kafka Producers and Consumers

Written By: Dhaval Shah

About Topic: Apache Kafka is an open-source distributed event streaming platform used by thousands of companies for high-performance data pipelines, streaming analytics, data integration, and mission-critical applications. High Throughput, Scalability, Performance Storage and High Availability are the key features of Apache Kafka. Producer, Topic and Consumer are the three main actors of Apache Kafka. In this tips article, Dhaval Shah described how to optimize the performance of Producers and Consumers to improve the performance of the Kafka system.

Article: Link

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