LoadRunner – Runtime Settings – Preferences – Logging

To provide more support on debugging of the script, application issues and error logs; LoadRunner has a ‘Logging’ option under the ‘Preferences’ tab of Runtime settings. Using this option you can control the printable length of request and response lines to be written in the logs. You can also use this option to disable wrapping of the lines in the log file.

LoadRunner - Runtime Settings - Preferences - Logging
Figure 01: LoadRunner – Runtime Settings – Preferences – Logging

Logging has three options which are:

1. Print buffer line length

You can define the maximum length of lines that need to be printed in the log file. This length is applied to the request header, request body, response header, response body and JavaScript source. As I mentioned above this option disables the wrapping of lines. The range of the field is from 50 to 2147483647.

2. Print buffer escape for binary zeros only

If this option is checked, then LR escapes the binary zeros when printing request/response headers/body and/or JavaScript source. Uncheck leads to escape any unprintable/control characters.

3. Limit the maximum response size written to the log

This option limits the size of the log containing the response data. The value should be given in KB (kilobytes).

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