JMeter – Login Config Element

The simple definition of the ‘Login Config Element’ component in JMeter is the element used as a global component to add or override the¬†credential in the following Samplers added to the test plan. This element is specially used for authentication. You can mention username and password in the login-config element and that can be replaced in the sampler.

How to add a ‘Login Config Element’?

You can follow the steps to add the Login Config element:

  1. Select the ‘Test Plan’ node
  2. Right-click on the ‘Test Plan’ node
  3. Hover the mouse on ‘Add’
  4. Hover the mouse on ‘Config Element
  5. Click ‘Login Config’
JMeter - Login Config Element
Figure 01

Input fields

‘Login Config Element’ has the following input fields in JMeter:

  1. Name: To provide element name
  2. Comments: To provide arbitrary comments (if any)
  3. Username: The username which needs to be added or overridden.
  4. Password: The default password to log in. Please note it stores the unencrypted password and passes the same to the test plan.

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