Heap Memory, Dump & Analysis: By Radhakrishna Prasad

Training Subject: Heap Memory, Heap Dump and Heap Dump Analysis

Trainer Details:
Trainer: RadhaKrishna Prasad
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/radhakrishna-prasad-b757b4b0/
Dzone: https://dzone.com/users/3746148/radhakrishnaggr.html

Covered Topics:

  1. What is Heap Memory and Heap Dump – What to look for?
  2. Shallow vs Retained Heap and Heap vs Stack
  3. The broader context of Eden, Survivor, Old and Permgen/Metaspace memory areas
  4. Finding the root cause for OutOfMemory Error and Memory Leak
  5. JVM Arguments for Heap Memory
  6. Heap Memory Performance Problems
  7. Heap Dump Generating tools- jcmd, Jmap, JConsole, JVisualVM, JProfiler, YourKit Profiler, Jhat
  8. Eclipse Memory Analyzer and IBM Heap Analyzer
  9. Heap Analysis in JAVA Application Performance Testing
  10. Analyzing memory dumps in .NET Application Performance Testing
  11. Question and Answer

Session Date:
Date & Time: 21 August 2021 @ 07:00 AM (IST)
Duration: 124 minutes

Recording Link: Click here (Use 720P or above for better resolution)

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