Demand of Apache JMeter in 2023

Apache JMeter is a well-known open-source tool for performance testing, trusted by many MNCs to carry out performance testing. They accepted JMeter as a powerful tool for identifying performance bugs. JMeter is the best tool for generating the virtual user load on the servers and providing actual performance results. It gives the client the impression that the application can handle the real-user load. Failure or crashing of the application means losing business and customers.

What is Apache JMeter?

Apache JMeter is a Java-based performance testing tool. It is an easy tool to instal and use. Apache JMeter supports multiple web-based and web-service applications for performance testing.

What is the market share of Apache JMeter?

More than half of the market for performance testing projects has been taken over by Apache JMeter. A Google Trends report shows that more people search for Apache JMeter-related keywords than any other tool. And this is one of the things that show how much of the market it has. Some people may question that, due to a lack of support, people may search more about JMeter-related words. This could be true, but the numbers won’t change much. Because many companies switched to Apache JMeter from the licensed tool and testers are more kin to learn it through tutorials, videos or training courses.

Demand of apache jmeter in 2023
Source: Google Trends

Why is Apache JMeter so popular?

  • Apache JMeter is a free tool to use. It saves the tool licensing cost.
  • Easy To Learn
  • Platform Independent.
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • No maintenance cost
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Easy to enhance the features by simply adding .jar file i.e. plug-ins
  • Unlimited User load (Thread) generation capability (depending on LG configuration)
  • Simple and User-friendly GUI
  • Supports all the basic scripting features like parameterization, correlation, browser simulation delay in request etc.
  • Support Android application performance testing
  • Supports protocols like Web/HTTP, Web services, Databases, SOAP, etc.
  • It can be integrated with third-party APM tools like DynaTrace, Applicare, Grafana etc.
  • Integration with CI tools like Jenkins etc.
  • HTML Report

Demand of Apache JMeter in 2023

Predicting future demand for Apache JMeter from the current level of interest is challenging. Variations in the economy, the spread of cutting-edge technology, and the priorities of businesses and individuals all affect the demand for performance testing and load-testing software.

However, Apache JMeter is already a popular choice and will certainly remain so in the future as a performance testing and load testing tool. There will likely always be a need for tools like JMeter to assure the performance and scalability of systems like web applications, APIs, and others as organisations and enterprises become increasingly reliant on them to support operations.

Furthermore, there may be a higher demand for JMeter to test the performance of these systems as new technologies and platforms arise. There may be a rise in the need for performance testing tools that can adapt to the specific conditions of emerging technologies like cloud computing and microservices.

The predicted demand for Apache JMeter is expected to remain high as long as businesses attempt to guarantee the performance and scalability of their systems.

From where I can learn JMeter?

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