DB Performance Engineering Training

What will I Learn by the end of this course?

• Complete overall knowledge in Oracle Db’s and fine-tune them for better performance
• Determine the bottlenecks in low-performance Oracle databases
• Use Oracle database performance tuning tools, like Wait Events, AWR, ASH, V$ views, SQL tracing, real-time monitoring,
• Propose solutions to database performance issues
• Implement Oracle methodology in performance tuning
• Using Oracle optimizer for better tuning and execution
• Implementing various tuning methods like different types of indexes, using bind variables and much more.
• Discover the ineffectively performing queries
• Identifying bad and good queries to improve performance and remove bottlenecks and Implement proper tuning approach
• Gathering the metrics and generating performance reports, Creating test plans and strategies

Training Details:

Demo 1: 11 Aug 2022

Demo 2: 12 Aug 2022

Training Start Date: 15 Aug 2022

Time: 8 PM (IST) / 10:30 AM (EST) / 3:30 PM (BST)

Course Duration: 20 hours

Demo Session: First 2 Sessions Free

Course Content:

  1. Oracle DB and its components:
    1. Needs of SQL Tuning & Prerequisites for SQL DB Tuning.
    2. Need for knowing oracle DB Architecture.
    3. Oracle DB Architecture.
    4. Data Blocks, PGA, Shared pool, Buffer cache & Redo Log Buffer
    5. DML Processing, Automatic Memory management, Storage Architecture of Oracle DB, Logical and Physical DB.
  2. Oracle Tuning Basics and Tools:
    1. Wait events
    2. AWR
    3. Bad SQL, Efficient Schema, Table Partition, SQL statement processing, Optimizer and the needs of it, Query transform, Selectivity and Cardinality, Plan Generator & Row Source Generator
    4. SQL Tuning and Query analysis strategy principles.
  3. Execution Plan and Statistics:
    1. Execution Plan and Explain Plan, Generating Statistics, Generating Execution Plan
    2. V$SQL_PLAN View
    3. Reading Execution Plans & Execution Plan Analysis
  4. Tables and Index access pathway:
    1. Indexes and how they work?
    2. Types of Table and Index Access Paths
    3. Table Access Full
    4. Index Unique Scan, Index Range Scan, Index Full Scan, Index Fast Full Scan, Index Skip Scan, Index Join Scan
  5. Optimizer hints & Joins
    1. Hints and their use, some valuable Hints
    2. Join Methods & Join Types
    3. Nested Loop Joins, Sort Merge Joins, Hash Joins, Cartesian Joins
    4. Equi joins, Outer Joins, Semi Joins, Anti Joins
  6. Optimizer Operators
    1. Result Cache Operator, View Operator, Clusters
    2. Sort Operators, Inlist Operator, Count Stopkey Operator, First Row Operator, Filter Operator, Concatenation Operator, Union Operator, Intersect Operator, Minus Operator
  7. In-Depth SQL Tuning With Query Profiling
    1. How to find a performance problem and its tuning solution?
    2. Different Ways of Getting the Execution Plan and the Statistics
    3. Using the Real-Time SQL Monitoring Tool, Using the Trace Files & TKPROF Utility, Fetch only those absolutely needed.
    4. Index Usage, Using Concatenation, Using Arithmetic Operators, Using Like Conditions, Using Functions on the Indexed Columns, Handling NULL-Based Performance Problems, Using EXISTS instead of IN Clause, Using TRUNCATE instead of DELETE command, Data Type Mismatch, Tuning Ordered Queries, Fetching MIN & MAX Values, UNION and UNION ALL Operators, Prevent HAVING Clause, Alert about Views, Materialized Views, Optimized use of COMMIT, Partition Pruning, BULK COLLECT, Tuning the Join Order, Multitable DML Operations, Using Temporary Tables, Combining SQL Statements, WITH Clause, Using Analytical Functions
  8. Advanced Oracle DB/SQL Tuning Concepts
    1. Tuning Star Queries, Using Bind Variables, Beware of Bind Variable Peeking
    2. Cursor Sharing &Adaptive Cursor Sharing
    3. Adaptive Plans, Dynamic Statistics (Dynamic Sampling)

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Organized By: Isha Training Solutions

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