Apache JMeter Certification – By BlazeMeter

Apache JMeter is an open-source tool performance testing tool. It is a Java-based tool which is useful to check the performance of a web application. JMeter is one of the fastest-growing tools which competes with the licensed tool. Apache JMeter does not have any official certification, but some organizations like BlazeMeter and VSkills provide JMeter online courses and certifications.

If you use JMeter as a performance testing tool in your organization and want to check your expertise then such certification exams are the best option. Let’s get into the steps for certification.

Steps for JMeter course enrollment and certification:

  1. Browse the link: https://university.blazemeter.com/
  2. Sign-up (if you are first time user)
  3. Provide the details like email and Password
  4. BlazeMeter will send a confirmation email to the given email address
  5. Login to the given email inbox and click on the confirmation link embedded in the email sent by BlazeMeter
  6. Once your email is validated then you will be redirected to the dashboard.
  7. On the dashboard, you can see 5 courses which are auto-enrolled at the time of the first login and the courses are:
    1. BlazeMeter – Introduction to Mock Services
    2. Apache JMeter – Intro
    3. Apache JMeter – Pro
    4. BlazeMeter – Master Performance Testing
    5. The Complete Taurus Course
  8. Start the course as per your wish/need
  9. Read/Watch the content associated with the given topics. You need to go through each topic and if any Video is available for the particular topic then you have to watch the full video without skipping before jumping on to the next topic.
  10. There may be some intermediate knowledge check exercises which you have to complete. Although they are multiple-choice questions, the result does not count in the end-of-course result.
  11. Once you complete the course, the final exam module is enabled and you are ready to give the exam. If you score equal to or more than the defined pass criteria then Blazemeter generates a ‘Certificate of Completion’ along with your name and obtained score. You can download this certificate to your local system.
  12. In case you fail the exam then you can retry by losing one attempt out of three attempts.

Note: You need to complete all the courses and certifications before the expiry date which is 30 days from the date of enrollment The enrollment date is the date of the first login/sign-up.

Cost of the Apache JMeter Intro and Pro level BlazeMeter certifications:

BlazeMeter does not charge for JMeter’s Intro and Pro level courses and certification. These certifications are free of cost.

Additional Benefits:

  1. BlazeMeter provides points, badges and level of expertise along with the course and certificate completion.
  2. There is an option to waive off the ‘Apache JMeter – Intro’ level course by directly attempting the certification exam. This is a good option for a JMeter expert to move on to the ‘Pro’ or ‘Master’ level without spending time in the ‘Intro’ level course.

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11 thoughts on “Apache JMeter Certification – By BlazeMeter”

  1. It means that you do know enough knowledge to pass the certificate, so better to grab the proper knowledge and then start to attempt it. 3 attempts are more than enough.

  2. There are some short videos, not than 10 minutes each. You need to completely watch those videos and then give the exam.

  3. Hi,Apache JMeter – Intro and Apache JMeter – Pro Certificate is valid Certificate? like ISTQB…This certificate can be use full in our IT industry.

  4. Do these certificates have any expiry date or they are valid lifetime?

    I have completed below, just wanted to know this.

    Apache JMeter – Intro
    Apache JMeter – Pro
    BlazeMeter – Master Performance Testing

  5. Hello Team,

    I tried to clear the JMeter Intro wavier exam, initially but unfortunately I secure 80 percent every time and hence I am out of my attempts(3). Do I get one more chance to take the exam ?
    If so how.

  6. Hi Durga,

    Firstly give the exam when you are fully confident. Secondly, you can register with another email and give the exam.

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