.Net Performance Engineering Training

Training Details:

Course Duration: 12 to 15 hours

Demo Session 1: 19 Dec 2020

Demo Session 2: 20 Dec 2020

Regular Session: 26 Dec 2020

Time: 7 PM to 8 PM (IST)

Course Content:

  1. General Concepts
    What is Performance Engineering?
    When to measure the Performance?
    Why to measure the Performance?
    Why to measure the Performance?
    Capacity Planning
    Check the Server configuration
    Checking Hardware
  2. Dotnet
    Common Language Runtime
    Garbage collector,
    Spit the methods to small functions
    Code Optimization
    LINQ basics
    JIT Compilers
    Finalize methods
    JSON Basics for client-side script
    Cache techniques
    Application pool
  3. SQL server
    Writing complex queries
    SQL Joins
    Store procedures
    Rebuild the Index
    SQL profiler

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Contact Details: +91-8019952427 (WhatsApp/Regular Call)

Organized By: Isha Training Solutions

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