AppDynamics APM Tool Training (Weekend)

Training Details:

Training Agenda:

AppDynamics course is mainly designed for Performance tester and APM admin’s who wants to start implementing the tool in their projects. You can learn all the AppDynamics concepts with hands-on practical examples. The course syllabus is designed by considering the current job market trends and industry requirements.

This course includes installation, configuration, data extraction, best practices and hands-on practice with the AppDynamics APM tool. Attend the demo for complete course details.

Who can enrol in this course?

  • AppDynamics Admins, Performance Testers, DevOps Engineers & High-level management who want to gain knowledge of this tool.
  • Anyone who wants to crack the AppDynamics certification.
  • Anyone who wants to get an AppDynamics Admin job.
  • Anyone who is working in the Performance Testing Area and wants to enhance his knowledge in the Performance Engineering area.
  • Anyone who wants to improve his knowledge on Bottleneck Identification
  • Anyone who wants to make a career in performance testing.
  • Anyone who is attending interviews and finding it difficult to crack

Demo 1 Date: 18 Oct 2022

Demo 2 Date: 19 Oct 2022

Regular Session: 20 Oct 2022

Time: 9 PM (IST) / 04:30 PM (BST)

Course Duration: 15+ hours

Course Content:

  • What are APM tools?
  • Why APM tools are Important?
  • Appdynamics Introduction
  • Appdynamics Deployment Model
    • Components and Solution Architecture
    • SAAS Model
    • On-premise Model
  • Appdynamics – Application Agent Configuration
    • Apache Tomcat Server Deployed Application Monitoring
      • Getting Started wizard
      • Manual Application agent Configuration
  • Application Dashboard
  • Business Transaction
  • Service End Points
  • Tiers and Nodes
    • Memory Analysis
    • JVM Analysis
  • Troubleshoot
    • War rooms
    • Node.js Server Deployed Application Monitoring
  • Appdynamics – Servers Agent Configuration
    • Windows Server Monitoring
    • Linux Server Monitoring
  • Appdynamics – Database Agent Configuration
    • MySQL DB Monitoring
      • Hardware Monitoring
    • Mongo DB Monitoring
  • Appdynamics – User Experience Agent Configuration
    • Agent Instrumentation
    • Real User Monitoring
    • Synthetic Monitoring
  • Appdynamics – Alert and Responds
    • Policies
    • Health Rules
    • Anamoly Detection
    • Actions
      • Mail Trigger
      • Thread Dump Trigger
  • Thread Dump Analysis
  • Heap Dump Trigger Using Appdynamics
    • Heap Dump Analysis
  • Appdynamics Dashboards & Reports
    • New Dashboard Creation
      • Dashboard Scheduling
    • New Dash Studio Creation
    • New Report Creation
      • Report Scheduling
  • Appdynamics Issue Debugging
  • Call Graph
    • Partial Call Graph Analysis
    • Call Graph Analysis
  • Metric Browser
    • Appdynamics REST API data Extraction Using Postman
  • Appdynamics Integrations
    • LoadRunner
    • JMeter
  • Appdynamics Baseline Concepts
  • Tips and Tricks in Appdynamics
  • Real-world Examples
  • Question and Answers

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Contact Number: +91-8019952427 (WhatsApp or Call)

Organized By: Isha Training Solutions

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