Open Source Performance Testing Tool

Open-source Performance Testing tools are freely available and do not need any commercial license. These tools are easy to set up rather than a commercial licensed tool but certain limitations are also associated with freeware PT tools. Refer to the pros and cons for detailed information:


  • No licensing cost
  • Most of the tools are platform-independent. It means they can run on any operating system.
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Easy to upgrade
  • No explicit hardware is required unless the user load is high
  • Unlimited users load generation capability (depending on LG machine configuration)
  • User-friendly and simple GUI
  • Most of the tools support script recording
  • All basic features are available
  • Migration from one open-source tool to another tool is easy (not in all cases)


  • Limited protocol support
  • No dedicated support team
  • Scripting challenges for complex scenarios
  • Limited plugin support
  • Lack of advanced functionalities
  • Integration with specific monitoring tools only
  • Dependency on languages like Beanshell and Groovy for complex logic
  • Lack of reporting feature
  • Limitation of in-depth analysis

Top Open Source Performance Testing Tools:

  • Apache JMeter
    • Rich in protocol support like Web/http, WebServices, Databases, SOAP, etc
    • Support distributed framework
    • Provides HTML report
    •
  • Gatling
    • Designed for continuous load testing
    • Can be integrated with the commercial tool Gatling Frontline
    • Good reporting features
    •
  • The Grinder
    • Support Jython and Clojure language
    • Support distributed framework
    • Automatic management of client connections and cookies
    •
  • Locust
    • Scripting code is in Python
    • Support distributed framework
    • Good in testing API
    •
  • k6
    • Specially made for developers for quick load test
    • Test back-end infrastructure like APIs, microservices, serverless, containers etc.
    • Convert Postman and JMeter script to k6
    •
  • Artillery
    • Easy to install and use
    • Support HTTP,, WebSockets etc.
    • Support distributed framework
    •

Day-by-day open source performance testing tools are becoming more powerful and advanced. That is the reason for many clients switching from paid tools to open-source tools. There is a huge jump in the demand for Open Source Performance Testing Tools in the last couple of years. So it is better to grab the knowledge of any of the open-source performance testing tools and make the skill set strong.

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