Licensed Performance Testing Tool

Licensed Performance Testing Tools are commercial tools. These tools can be used only by purchasing the license bundle from the respective company. The testing tool companies provide licenses based on:

  • User Count: License to generate a certain number of user load
  • Protocol: License which are specific to protocol
  • Period: License for certain period of time like per day, per month or per year

Some companies provide a facility to build a custom package of the licenses. Apart from the paid license, companies also issue the trail version of the tool which has limited user count, generic protocol support or limited time period usage of the tool. The trail version is helpful to perform the PoC (Proof of Concept) on the tool.

Let’s discuss about Pros and Cons of Licensed Performance Testing Tool:


  • Rich protocol support
  • Dedicated support team is available to resolve the issue
  • Good content over the internet which helps to resolve the small queries
  • They have useful study material
  • Less scripting challenges than open-source tool
  • User friendly and simple GUI
  • Support script recording
  • Based on native languages which makes coding logic easy
  • Many tools support on-premises and cloud infrastructure 
  • Enrich with the advance technology
  • Easy integration with monitoring and profiling tools
  • Live monitoring of the test
  • More accuracy in the result
  • In-depth result analysis feature
  • Good reporting feature
  • Client’s Trust


  • Licensing cost
  • Specific to operative system
  • Installation is tougher than open-source tool
  • Trail version may be limited to certain protocol
  • Slightly difficult to upgrade to new version
  • Very less or no customization
  • Hardware is required for on-premises version
  • User load generation is restricted to user count license. It can not go beyond the user limit even though the hardware is available. 
  • Migration from one tool to another is not easy. It needs time, money and effort.

Top Licensed Performance Testing Tool:

Licensed performance testing tool is always the best and preferred option for complex scripting. Many clients do not prefer the open-source tool for performance testing and there are many reasons behind it. Data security is one of them. Another good part of licensed tool is dedicated and quick support is available so no need to surf the internet for the issue resolution. 

In today’s performance testing world, a performance tester must have the knowledge of more than one performance testing tool which will help him to stay in the race.

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