JMeter – Pre Processor

The word ‘Pre’ denotes ‘Prior’ and ‘Processor’ denotes ‘Execution’, hence ‘Pre Processor’ means something that is executed before. In JMeter, there are some elements which execute before the parent element. These elements help to fetch data from a database, set a timeout between sampler execution, modify the settings of a sampler request just before it runs or update variables that aren’t extracted from the response etc. Such JMeter elements are called Pre Processor elements.

JMeter - Pre Processor
Figure 01: JMeter – Pre Precessor

If a sampler has a Pre Processor as its child element then the Pre Processor will execute just prior to that sampler. The execution sequence will be like this:

Pre Processor => Sampler => Post Processor

Possible Parent element(s) of Pre Processor in JMeter:

You can add a Pre Processor under the following elements:

  1. Test Plan
  2. Thread Group
  3. Test Fragment
  4. Sampler
  5. Logic Controller
  6. Non-Test Element

Possible Child Element(s):

  • NA

You can not add any element under a ‘Pre processor’. Hence it does not have any child element.

Following is the list of available Pre Processors:

  1. JSR223 PreProcessor
  2. User Parameters
  3. HTML Link Parser
  4. HTTP URL Re-writing Modifier
  5. JDBC PreProcessor
  6. RegEx User Parameters
  7. Sample Timeout
  8. BeanShell PreProcessor

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