Top Challenges faced in Performance Testing

A lot of people are not able to recognize the risk of huge traffic or performance issues in their applications. In a production environment, common issues observed are functional bugs and it is easy to assume that the risk is lower than the actual one. Despite the fact that the probability may be lower, the effect of a performance or load issue is a lot higher. In contrast to a functional bug, quite possibly the entire framework will be affected and hundreds or thousands of users will be unable to perform their operations.

The ideal technique to lead performance testing is to create a replica of the production environment. The major challenge lies in getting the exact result with limited and varying resources.

Here, I’m talking about the top challenges faced in Performance testing.

  1. Restricted Time and Budget
  2. Choosing the Wrong Toolset
  3. Solutions and tools with minimal capabilities
  4. Inaccurate Test Environment

Restricted Time and Budget

With a rush to release the upgraded version of the product to customers, the DevOps or Engineering team performs just the functional testing and overlooks the performance testing that accompanies the majority of challenges usually faced in a real environment increasing the risk of the project that is releasing under less time constraint. Ideally, the UAT environment needs to be a replica of the production environment to correlate things and to identify all issues. As the budget consequences, it becomes difficult to conduct tests in these conditions.

Choosing the Wrong Toolset

It is essential to distinguish the innovation and convention that the tool offers which will be required to test your application. Additionally to this, Browser, OS similarity and Reports are a plus point.

Generally, the most under-assessed prerequisite while picking the tool is its training and support. Picking the off-base tool can be miserable for an association.

Solutions and tools with minimal capabilities

The analyzer should be able to evaluate the scenario and if the test is finished or not. It is important to test all the possible test cases and continue adding tests under the circumstances. We should consider all the application performance factors under variant load like Speed, the effectiveness of the system when the application is running, response time, Scalability and stability of the application.

Inaccurate Test Environment

The inaccurate test environment of the test leads to incorrect decisions. The best approach to analyze the actual result is to replicate the production environment exactly. We should evaluate these results on the aspect of basic parameters of load and monitoring of the application.

Note: Views expressed are my own

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