Splunk for Performance Engineer

Training Details:

Start Date: 6 Nov 2020

Time: 7 AM to 8 AM (IST)

Course Duration: 15+ hours

Demo Session: First Session Free

Course Content:

  • What is Splunk?
  • What is machine data?
  • Why Splunk?
  • Scope of Splunk?
  • Splunk products and the latest version of Splunk Enterprise
  • Splunk Architecture and components
  • Splunk Licensing and its types
  • Splunk Users and Roles
  • Pre-requisites for installing Splunk
  • Installing Splunk on Windows
  • Installing Splunk on Linux
  • How to create a new user in Splunk?
  • Explanation of Splunk GUI (Front end)
  • How to get data into Splunk? Various ways of ingesting data into Splunk?
  • Sample data ingestion into Splunk instance
  • How to search ingested data in Splunk?
  • Explanation of various fields from the search results.
  • Splunk Indexer and various index buckets
  • Splunk search commands(SPL) and usage of search commands
  • How to transform search results into visualization?
  • Creating Splunk Reports
  • Creating Splunk Dashboards
  • Generating Splunk alerts and some real scenarios for generating alerts
  • How to schedule reports and alerts in Splunk?
  • Splunk apps and add-ons
  • How to download and install apps and add-ons on Splunk instance?
  • Explanation of Knowledge objects in Splunk
  • How to extract fields in Splunk?
  • What is lookup?
  • How to define a lookup table?
  • How to define an automatic lookup table?
  • How to search the lookup table in Splunk?

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Contact Number: +91-8019952427 (WhatsApp or Call)

Organized By: Isha Training Solutions

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