Performance Testing Interview Questions #3

Q. 11 List out the factors you must consider before selecting performance tools?

Ans: The factors are:

  • The tool must be technology supportive
  • It must be in the budget of a customer
  • Rapid deployment in a new environment
  • Ease of operation
  • Scalable in terms of licenses
  • The efficiency of the tool
  • Accuracy of the test result
  • It must have test result analysis options
  • Proper and quick vendor support
  • The tool must support some related and additional protocols

Q. 12 List out some of the generic parameters considered for performance testing?

Ans: The parameters are:

  • Memory usage
  • Processor usage
  • Bandwidth
  • Memory pages
  • Network output queue length
  • Response time
  • Query time
  • CPU interruption per second
  • Committed memory
  • Thread counts
  • Top waits, etc.

Q.13 What are the drawbacks of manual performance testing?

Ans: The manual load testing drawbacks are:

  • It is very expensive to do Manual Testing, as real users charge by the hour.
  • With manual load testing, load testing for longer duration like for 7 days won’t be possible, as users really work a maximum of eight hours daily.
  • You will not get accuracy for results correlation as there are delays between the actions of users.
  • It is hard to do the results collection.
  • It is hard to synchronize the activities of all the users.

Q.14 What are the criteria for entering and exiting in the performance testing execution phase?

Ans: Entry criteria are:

  • Finalized NFRs
  • Script completion
  • Test environment must be ready
  • Deployment of the latest functionally tested code
  • Test Data readiness

Exit criteria are:

  • NFRs must be met
  • No performance bottleneck
  • No open defect
  • Final performance test report submission

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Q. 15 List out some of the common performance problems?

Ans: The common performance problems are:

  • Low Throughput
  • Poor Response Time
  • Poor Scalability
  • Server unable to handle the X amount of user load
  • Heap Issue
  • Thread Pool Issue
  • Long-running DB query

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