Performance Testing Checklist

Below is the performance testing checklist that can help you to conduct smooth performance tests without missing any important tasks before performing the test:

Risk Assessment:

  1. Understanding the System Architecture
  2. Identification of Critical Business Flows
  3. Identification of In-scope and Out-of-scope components
  4. Deep understanding of all the in-scope components
  5. Understanding the impact of changes on all the in-scope components
  6. Completion of Risk Assessment
  7. Review and Sign-off of Risk Assessment Document

Test Plan:

  1. Performance Testing Project Timelines
  2. NFR gathering
  3. Decision on type of Non-functional Test conducted during the phase
  4. NFR – NFT mapping
  5. Test Data Approach
  6. Scaling ratio of the test environment with respect to the production environment
  7. Decision on Performance Testing Tool
  8. Decision on Server Monitoring Tool
  9. Decision on Profiling Tool
  10. Detailed Test Approach/Planning of each type of performance test
  11. Detailed Test Data Generation approach
  12. Completion of Test Plan
  13. Review and Sign-off of Test Plan

Test Script & Scenario Creation:

  1. Recording / Generation of Test Script of all the performance test cases
  2. Correlation
  3. Parameterization
  4. Appropriate naming of all the transactions
  5. Adding Think Time
  6. Adding Pacing
  7. Workload Modelling / Scenario Creation for all the in-scope performance tests

Test Execution:

  1. Test Data Creation
  2. Server re-start (before every test)
  3. Smoke Test
  4. Gather all the server stats
  5. Test Execution
  6. Collection of Test Results
  7. Collection of stats from Monitoring Tool during the test period
  8. Collection of server logs
  9. Collection of dumps
  10. Analysis of Test Result
  11. Discussion with the project team, developer etc. on the test result, bottlenecks, findings, recommendations and resolution.


  1. Collect the artefacts and locate/attach them with the report in the respective section
  2. Decision on Go / No-Go
  3. Recommendations
  4. Decision on further plan/performance tuning etc.
  5. Completion of Test Report
  6. Review and Sign-off of Test Report

You can also download the Performance Testing Checklist template from Here.

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