Performance Engineering Training

Training Details:

Training Agenda:

  • You will be able to confidently talk to developers & architects on the performance issues, bottlenecks & recommendations
  • You will be able to start playing a role of performance engineer – Just not identifying defects but to troubleshoot and identify bottlenecks and provide recommendations.
  • You will be able to do the architecture review and provide engineering strategy, plan & monitoring approach for both performance & production servers.
  • You will be able to easily handle interview questions and position yourself as a performance engineer.
  • You will be able to get a very good view on new performance engineering trends – DevOps, cloud, resiliency and mobile.

Course Duration: 25+ hours

Demo Session 1: 14 May 2021

Demo Session 2: 15 May 2021

Regular Session: 17 May 2021

Time: 8 AM (IST) / (Previous Day)10:30 PM (EST)

Course Content:

    • Introduction to Performance Engineering
    • Performance Engineering Life Cycle
    • Activities performed by the Performance Engineer
    • JVM Architecture
      • Understanding JVM Architecture – Class loader Subsystem, Method area, Heap, Stack area, PC Registers, JIT, Execution Engine etc
    • JVM performance monitoring
    • Java Application monitoring using Open source tools (JConsole, JvisualVM)
      • Heap Analysis Using JConsole, JvisualVM
      • Thread Analysis Using JConsole, JvisualVM
      • Understanding the above concepts using a real-time example
    • Java application monitoring using commercial tools (Yourkit)
    • JVM Heap Structure – Eden, Survivor Space, Tenured Space ( Minor GC, Major GC, Full GC)
      • Configuration of Heap size in JVM ( Xmx, Xms)
    • Different types of Garbage collections
      • Serial GC
      • Parallel GC
      • CMS (Concurrent Mark Sweep)
      • G1 (Garbage first) GC
    • Understanding the JVM thread pooling concepts
      • Core Pool Size
      • Queuing – Bounded Queue, Unbounded Queue
    • Thread Monitoring
      • Hanging threads
      • Queue Length etc
    • JDBC connection pooling
      • Detailed understanding of JDBC Connection Pool concepts
    • JVM Thread Dump Analysis
      • What is Thread dump
      • Life Cycle of Threads – New, Runnable, Waiting, Timed Waiting, Blocked, Terminated
      • Various Java Thread Dump Tools
      • How to capture the Java Thread dumps
      • Different techniques to analyze Thread dumps
    • JVM Garbage collection Analysis
      • How to configure the JVM arguments to collect the GC Logs
      • How to analyze the GC logs
      • How to identify the memory leak related issues using GC logs
    • JVM Out of Memory Error Analysis
      • What is Memory Leak
      • What is OutOfMemory exception
      • Memory leak vs OutofMemory
      • How to identify the Memory Leak and OutofMemory issues
    • Windows Servers
      • How to Configure PERFMON Counters
      • Critical Metrics to monitor in Windows Server
      • Swapping vs Paging
      • Page Faults
      • % Processor Time
      • Private Byte
      • Available Byte
      • Committed Byte
      • Virtual Byte
      • Processor Queue Length
      • % Time in GC
      • How to Identify Different Critical Performance Issues Using PERFMON
      • Real-Time example on how to monitor the Windows Server
    • Linux Servers
      • LINUX Monitoring Commands –
      • Vmstat – Virtual Monitoring Statistics
      • iostat – input-output Statistics
      • netstat – Network Statistics
      • top – CPU Consumption
      • NMON – Utility to monitor all the infra statistics
      • How to extract the report from NMON
      • CPU Utilization
      • Memory Utilization
      • Disk Utilization – Disk Read, Disk Write, Disk Busy, Disk Size
      • Critical Metrics to monitor in LINUX Server
      • How to Identify Different Critical Performance Issues Using LINUX Commands
      • Real-Time example on how to monitor the LINUX Server
    • Oracle Database monitoring
    • Understanding of Oracle AWR Reports
    • ADDM Reports
    • Identify Critical DB performance Issues
    • Understanding of Front end performance Metrics
    • Common Client-side Performance problems
    • Browser Rendering Concepts
    • Client-side performance tools
      • Chrome Dev tools
      • GTMetrix
      • Webpage Test
      • Chrome – LightHouse
    • What is Code profiling
    • Jprofiler
    • How to capture and understand the logs in Jprofiler
    • How to Analyze the production load
    • Performance Issues in Production
      • Common CPU Related performance Issues
      • Common Memory Related Performance Issues

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Contact Details: +91-8019952427 (WhatsApp/Regular Call)

Organized By: Isha Training Solutions

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