LoadRunner Interview Questions #7

Following are the LoadRunner Interview Questions Set #7.

Q. 31 Why content check is used in the scripting?

Ans: Content check is used to validate the content present in the response of the page. It is recommended to use at least 1 content check on each page. Sometimes content-check is helpful to verify the completion of the flow like order completion by verifying “Thank You” message, homepage by verifying “Welcome” word in the response etc.

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Q. 32 What are the types of content check available in LoadRunner?

Ans: LoadRunner provides two types of check:

  1. Image Check: This check verifies the presence of a given image on a page during run-time.
  2. Text Check: This check verifies the presence of a given text string on the page during run-time.

Q. 33 What are the functions of content check?

Ans: LoadRunner content check functions are:

  1. web_reg_find()
  2. web_global_verification()
  3. web_image_check()

Q. 34 Which is a deprecated function of content-check?

Ans: web_find()

Q. 35 How is each page validated in the script?

Ans: Each page of an application in the script is validated through the content of the response of the particular page. A content check verifies whether specific content is present on the web page or not. The content check keyword should be unique so that validation becomes more accurate.

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