LoadRunner Interview Questions #6

Following are the LoadRunner Interview Questions Set #6.

Q. 26 What is the difference between Standard Log and Extended Log?

Ans: Standard log creates a log of functions and messages sent to the server during script execution whereas Extended log contains additional warnings and other messages.

Q. 27 When do you disable logging?

Ans: Logs are enabled during debugging the script and disabled while executing the test. The recommended log option during the test execution is ‘Send messages only when an error occurs’.

Q. 28 How can we debug a LoadRunner script?

Ans: VuGen contains two options to debug Vuser scripts.

  1. Run Step By Step (F10)
  2. Toggle Breakpoint (F9)

You can also use any of the function lr_set_debug_message(), lr_debug_message(), lr_output_message(), lr_error_message().

Q. 29 What is wasted time in the VuGen Replay log?

Ans: Waste time is the time spent by LoadRunner to write the logs, keep the record, run the logic etc. It is never performed by any browser user and just the time spent on the LoadRunner internal activities.

Q. 30 During the load test, what is the optimum setting for Logs?

Ans: For the load test, the log level is set to minimal. This can be achieved by setting the log level to the standard log and selecting the radio button ‘Send a message only when an error occurs’.

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