LoadRunner Interview Questions #5

Following are the LoadRunner Interview Questions Set #5.

Q. 21 What is the importance of Parameter?

Ans: The parameter is created to replace the hard-coded value within the script with a parameter. This allows a single Vuser to be run many times with different values, and to use different data on each run. It helps in stimulating more real-life server demand as it prevents a server from caching results. There are multiple options available for parameterization and its setting in LoadRunner. Click Read More to get more detail on parameter options:

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Q. 22 What are selection methods to choose data from a data file?

Ans: Following are the four selection methods:

  1. Sequential
  2. Random
  3. Unique
  4. Parameter name

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Q. 23 How can you verify the substituted value of the parameter?

Ans: The substituted value can be confirmed by enabling the Extended Log option in the Runtime Setting (Logs tab) and checked the option ‘Parameter substitution’.

Q. 24 What are different types of Vuser logs which can be used while scripting?

Ans: There are two types of Vuser logs available in LoadRunner:

  1. Standard log
  2. Extended log

Q. 25 What is the extended log?

The extended log is used for script debugging purpose. It stores the additional information such as data returned by the server, an advanced trace, parameter substitution etc. depending on the options you select in run-time settings.

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