LoadRunner Interview Questions #4

Following are LoadRunner Interview Questions Set #4.

Q. 16 What is the benefit to divide the script into multiple Actions?

Ans: The script can be divided into multiple Actions based on the functionality like Login, Search, Logout etc. The main advantage to divide the Action part is to increase the code reusability, reduce maintenance time and hence it decreases the cost.

Q. 17 In what sequence the script sections are executed?

Ans: The sequence in which the above-mentioned sections get executed is vuser_init is at the very beginning and vuser_end at the very end. The Action(s) section is(are) executed in between vuser_init and vuser_end.

Q. 18 What is the difference in running the Vuser as a process and as a thread?

Ans: When Vuser is run as a process, the same driver program is loaded into memory for each Vuser. This will take a large amount of memory and will limit the number of Vusers you can run on a single generator. When Vuser is run as a thread, only one instance of the driver program is shared by the given number of Vusers. You can run a number of Vusers on a single generator using the multi-threading mode. Vuser as a process is used for a client-server application while Vuser as a thread is helpful for a web-based application.

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Q. 19 What is the advantage of running the Vuser as the thread?

Ans: Running Vusers as thread helps to support more virtual users count from any load generator machine due to its small memory print feature for the Vusers.

Q. 20 What are the recording modes for Web HTTP/HTML protocol of LoadRunner?

Ans: There are two modes:

  • URL Mode
  • HTML Mode

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