LoadRunner Interview Questions #11

Following are the LoadRunner Interview Questions Set #11.

Q. 51 What is Pacing?

Ans: Pacing is the wait time between two iterations.

Please note there are two definitions of pacing exist on the internet. Some performance testers consider pacing is a delay time between two iterations whereas some performance testers define pacing as overall response time which includes transitions response time, think time and delay between two iterations.

Q. 52 What is Think Time?

Ans: Think time is a wait time between two transactions.

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Q. 53 Why Pacing and Think time are two different things?

Ans: Pacing is used to control the load on the server whereas think time is used to achieve the concurrency of the users on the server.

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Q. 54 Name the function used to define think time in LoadRunner?

Ans: lr_think_time(n) where n is an integer value which represents the delay in seconds.

Q. 55 Name function used to define the Pacing in LoadRunner?

Ans: There is no function to define the value of Pacing in the script (code). Pacing is always defined in the Runtime setting.

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