LoadRunner Interview Questions #12

Following are the LoadRunner Interview Questions Set #12.

Q. 56 Can Pacing and Think time be random?

Ans: Yes, we can.

Q. 57 What is the Threshold level for think time and how can be this changed?

Ans: If the recorded think time is less than the threshold, VuGen does not generate a think time statement during recording. You also specify the threshold value using:

Recording options -> Script -> Generate think time greater than the threshold

The default value is 3. If the think time is less than 3 seconds, VuGen does not generate a think time statements. If you disable this option, VuGen will not generate any think times.

Q. 58 What is Ramp-up and Ramp-down?

Ans: The user ramp up decides the rate at which virtual users add to the load test whereas ramp down instructs LoadRunner at which rate virtual users exit from the load test. 


  • Ramp-up rate – 5 Vusers per 10 seconds
  • Ramp-down rate – 20 Vusers per 5 seconds

Q. 59 Why user ramp-up is recommended in performance testing?

Ans: It gives time to warm-up the server. Since the server is rebooted before performance test and its cache is empty which is not the case in the real-time scenario. Hence the server warm-up period helps the server to bring in live-like condition. It is a common observation that during the ramp-up period, the response time is slightly high.

Q. 60 How many graphs you can monitor using the Controller or Performance Center Test execution window at a time? What is the maximum number of them?

Ans: One, two, four and eight graphs can be seen at a time. The maximum number of graphs can be monitored at a time is 8.

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