JMeter – Simple Config Element

In JMeter, ‘Simple Config Element’ is used to add or override arbitrary values in samplers. You can choose the name of the value and the value itself. This element is very rarely used by the tester, although some developers might find a use for this element, as a basic GUI that they can use while developing new JMeter components.

JMeter - Simple Config Element
Figure 01: JMeter – Simple Config Element

How to add ‘Simple Config Element’?

You can follow steps to add Simple Config Element:

  1. Select ‘Test Plan’ node
  2. Right-click on ‘Test Plan’ node
  3. Hover the mouse on ‘Add’
  4. Hover the mouse on ‘Config Element
  5. Click ‘Simple Config Element’ 

What are the input fields?

“Simple Config Element” has the following input fields:

  • Name: To provide element name
  • Comments: To provide arbitrary comments (if any)
  • Parameter Name: The name of each parameter. These values are internal to JMeter’s workings and are not generally documented. Only those (developer) familiar with the code will know these values.
  • Parameter Value: The value which needs to be added or overridden for the particular parameter.
  • Add: To add a new parameter row
  • Delete: To delete the existing parameter row

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