Apache JMeter – logn Function

logn is an in-build function of Apache JMeter and its type is ‘Information’. The logn function writes a message in the console along with the input string value. Irrespective of the log function, it prints the input string only in the console window. By the way, JMeter in-build functions are divided into eight categories which are:

  1. Information
  2. Input
  3. Calculation
  4. Formatting
  5. Scripting
  6. Properties
  7. Variables
  8. Strings
Apache JMeter Logn Function

Syntax: ${__logn(Message)}

Type: Information

Purpose: To print the message in the console window.

Input Argument: The logn function has 3 arguments among them 2 are optional:

  • String to be logged (and returned): It represents a message that you want to print in the console window
  • Log Level: The following are the log levels:
    • OUT
    • ERR
    • DEBUG
    • INFO (default)
    • WARN
    • ERROR
  • Throwable text: It is an optional input parameter. If the string is non-empty then a throwable string can be returned to understand the exact error. It is similar to the Throwable class concept of Java.

Return Value: This function returns the message string to print in the console window.

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