Selenium Training for Performance Testers & Leads

Training Details:

Training Agenda:

  • You will learn all the relevant topics that are required for performance testers to perform automation.
  • Become a Cross skilled resource which is expected in today’s DevOps/pods team structure.
  • Shift left performance / early performance

Course Duration: 5 hours

Demo Session 1: 19 Jun 2021

Regular Session: 26 Jun 2021

Time: 8 PM (IST) / 10:30 AM (EST)

Course Content:

  1. Get the Basic Understanding
    • T-Shaped Skillset – Why selenium automation for Performance testers and Lead
    • Shift Left / Early Performance – Agile/DevOps – How selenium helps
    • Performance testing tool vs Automation tool – How it differs
    • Selenium – How it works and Methodology
    • Page Object Model
  2. Software’s and tools
    • Installation of Required Softwares – Selenium Plugin, Eclipse, selenium jars, drivers
    • Selenium IDE – recording
    • Dev tool Inspect element + Selenium IDE – Hand in hand to pick right locator
  3. Script Development
    • Creating New project in eclipse
    • Importing required jar files
    • Template for selenium script
    • Selenium IDE to eclipse project
  4. Script Enhancements
    • Waits, alerts, popup handling, exception handling
    • javascript executor
    • capture screenshot
    • Error and exception handling
  5. Execution
    • From Eclipse
    • Command line
    • Runnable jar file
    • Jenkins-selenium
  6. Performance Metrics – Integration with Selenium
    • Response time calculation
    • Navigation timing API integration
    • Sending metrics to Elastic
    • Response time trending in Kibana
  7. Selenium Integration with Performance Tool
    • JMeter / Loadrunner / Neoload
  8. Few other additional topics for understanding
    • Creating Maven project to handle dependencies
    • Popular automation frameworks

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Contact Details: +91-8019952427 (WhatsApp/Regular Call)

Organized By: Isha Training Solutions

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