PerfMate – A Virtual Performance Testing Tutor

Who is PerfMate?

PerfMate is a virtual performance testing tutor at PerfMatrix site. He will teach you the concept of Performance Testing and Performance Engineering. He will also help you to learn the basic tools of Performance Testing like LoadRunner, JMeter etc. PerfMate has an expertize to provide the tips and tricks related to Performance Testing and guide you to crack the interviews. You can also ask questions to him by writing the comment in the comment section placed under the related post. PerfMate will address your query and provide the solution.

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    • Hi Vinod,

      There are 2 types of licenses in LoadRunner:
      1. Daily basis: Get the license for the required number of users for a day (24 hours)
      2. Volume basis Get the license by creating your package. You need to choose the required protocol, number of users and duration of the license.


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