Step-by-step Approach for JMeter Distributed Testing

JMeter - Distributed Testing (Master- Slave)

Written By: Swetha Pujari A single JMeter client/system running on a 2–3 GHz CPU can handle up to 1000 threads or virtual users, depending on the test’s type and duration. However, in real-time, due to constraints on the CPU, memory, and network(socket related), a single test machine may sustain load anywhere between 500 to 700 … Read more

JMeter Grafana Dashboard using InfluxDB

Written By: Swetha Pujari This is a simple guide to set-up JMeter Grafana Dashboard using InfluxDB which describes step-by-step set-up process. With JMeter or any performance testing-tool, one can see the detailed error logs only after the test run completes. If you have a development team monitoring the test or any stakeholder asks the reason … Read more

Free Webinar – Thread Dump Analysis

Trainer: RadhaKrishna Prasad Trainer Details: LinkedIn: Dzone:  RadhaKrishna Prasad; a well-known name in the Performance Engineering world and PerfMatrix, brought you a series of FREE Webinars on some most demanding Performance Engineering topics. We conducted a poll a few weeks back by mentioning a list of Performance Engineering topics and asked about your interest. As per … Read more

NeoLoad – Runtime Overview

‘Runtime Overview’ is a tab under the ‘Runtime‘ section of the NeoLoad tool. It contains generic information about the currently running test. There are 4 sub-sections under this tab: Runtime Information Real-Time Graphic Test Progress Bar Load Generators Description of Runtime Overview sub-sections Runtime Information: This section provides the live statistics related to the started … Read more