Free Webinar – Thread Dump Analysis

Trainer: RadhaKrishna Prasad Trainer Details: LinkedIn: Dzone:  RadhaKrishna Prasad; a well-known name in the Performance Engineering world and PerfMatrix, bring you a series of FREE Webinars on some most demanding Performance Engineering topics. We have conducted a poll last week by mentioning a list of Performance Engineering topics and asked about your interest. As per the…
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How to uninstall NeoLoad?


NeoLoad – Runtime Overview

‘Runtime Overview’ is a tab under the ‘Runtime‘ section of the NeoLoad tool. It contains generic information about the currently running test. There are 4 sub-sections under this tab: Runtime Information Real-Time Graphic Test Progress Bar Load Generators Description of Runtime Overview sub-sections Runtime Information: This section provides the live statistics related to the started…
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NeoLoad – Test Scenario

Before creating a NeoLoad Test Scenario, you need to understand: What are the different options available to create an accurate performance test scenario? What is meaning of different sections which help in scenario creation? So, let’s start. The ‘Scenarios’ tab is divided into five sections which are: Scenarios Populations Duration Policy Load Generators Load Variation…
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NeoLoad – Runtime

In NeoLoad, the Runtime section provides the options for performance test scenario creation and test execution. Runtime section has the following tabs: Scenarios Runtime Overview Runtime Graphs Runtime Errors Runtime Alerts Runtime Users After the completion of NeoLoad script recording and population setting, the next step is Scenario Creation. Before starting the scenario creation make…
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NeoLoad – Monitors

In NeoLoad, the third tab under the Design section is ‘Monitors’ where you can configure the monitoring agents and monitored machines. Monitors are required to watch the behaviour of the server during the performance test and identify the bottlenecks. NeoLoad provides a list of monitors and monitored machines which makes the task easy. How to…
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