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Iteration Count Calculator

Iteration Calculator

Calculate the Iteration rate by providing the required inputs. This calculator helps to estimate the iteration count on per hour and per second basis. Note: Bookmark this page for quick access Example: Requirement: A call center wants to check the performance of its software system. The call center has 1440 employees who get the call…
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CPS Calculator Bandwidth Setter

JMeter CPS Calculator

About CPS Calculator: CPS Calculator evaluates the value of CPS (characters per second) to achieve the targetted bandwidth (in kbps). The calculated CPS value needs to set as an input for ‘httpclient.socket.http.cps’ or ‘httpclient.socket.https.cps’ properties available in the file in the /bin folder of Apache JMeter. Flow: apache-jmeter<version> -> bin -> -> httpclient.socket.http.cps / httpclient.socket.https.cps…
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