Apache JMeter – Elements Relationship

This is a cheat sheet which shows a relationship between parent and child elements of Apache JMeter.

Here, you can see all the 12 elements on the screen which are connected through some lines and arrows. The tail of the arrow is at parent end and the head of the arrow is at child end. So if you start with the tail, follow the line and stop at a head then that will be the child of a tail-ender parent.

Apache JMeter - Parent-Child Relationship
Figure 01: Apache JMeter – Parent-Child Relationship


If you want to know all the child elements of the logic controller then start with the tail and follow all the line path wherever they are going. Make sure the line should end with a head. If it ends at a tail then that will not be a child of the logic controller. You can find that there are total 8 child elements of the logic controller. Sampler, Config element, Pre Processors, Post Processors, Listener, Timer, Assertions and Logic Controller itself. Because you can add a Logic Controller element under another Logic Controller.

Figure 02: Example

In case an element has both head as well as tail then give the preference to the head. It means that a particular element is a child element. In the above example, you can see sampler element has both head and tail end. But we have given preference to the head.

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